Many years of experience, gaining knowledge, creative passion, and also having the family’s two generations involved in research paved the way to the development of a strong beauty brand with heart, the one which holds human values high.

The Invex Remedies has clearly defined its priorities. Constant research and development allow us to address the needs of contemporary people. Using the company’s patents and inventions, we work towards improving the quality of life. Our task is to look after the health of our customers in the manner that is harmonious with nature. We also believe that physical beauty originates from the good state of body and mind.

Research and determination to seek solutions to difficult problems lie at the core of our activities. The quality of our laboratory and the production line makes it possible to use advanced technologies, and also to design and introduce innovative goods. Our primary task is to share our knowledge, research outcomes and achievements with our customers.


Founder and President of JIW INWEX. Author or co-author of over 140 patents and several patent applications. He graduated with a master’s degree in inorganic chemistry and electrochemistry. Awarded 42 gold medals, including 11 with the Jury’s distinction at the International Invention Fairs. Honored with the Gold and Silver Cross of Merit, Grand Officer Order of Merits for Innovation awarded by the Belgian Royal Committee. He also received the WIPO award from the International Intellectual Property Organization and the IFIA Cup of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations. Active member of the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers. Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for the Development of Science and Higher Education in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Vice President of the Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


Co-founder, co-owner and proxy of INVEX REMEDIES, co-owner of JIW INWEX, also sits on the boards of JIW INWEX and City Core. Co-author of over 40 patents and several patent applications in the field of chemistry. He graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry. Awarded several dozen medals at international exhibitions and invention fairs. Repeatedly honored by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy. Awarded with Order Merite De L’Innvention Grand Officer by the Belgian Royal Committee. He received the title of Super Innovation Leader from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland for his contribution to the development of Polish technical thought and science. He has also been awarded the Gold Cross of Merit by the President of the Republic of Poland. The first Laureate of the Tadeusz Sendzimir Prize awarded by the Kosciuszko Foundation.

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A multi-stage production process, attention to every detail that allows you to obtain the best quality of products

Qualified staff

Product quality and qualified staff, having experience in laboratory work and allowing us to create the best products for you

Customer satisfaction

The best possible adaptation to the needs and requirements of our customers - so that they can enjoy the power of monoionic particles

Lead time

Fast order fulfillment - we try to ensure that our products always arrive on time


The company Invex Remedies is based on technology units Innovation – the Implementation INWEX, which was founded in 1987 by a prominent inventor Stanislaw Szczepaniak – the main creator of more than 150 patents, inventions honored during the fair numerous awards, titles and medals including gold medals. Son of Stanislaw Szczepaniak, Remigiusz, is co-author of over 40 patents and several patent applications in the field of chemistry – has supported his father’s scientific work, as well as is co-owner and president of Kielce Business Center. Established in 1987, INWEX engaged in the production of modern, environmentally friendly chemical solutions that have been used in many industries. Sometimes, however, life itself suggests ideas.

In 2002, medical diagnosis showed that Stanisław Szczepaniak should excise thoracic aortic aneurysm, abdominal, and femoral arteries. A very risky operation seemed to be the only solution, but without a guarantee of success. Stanislaw eventually resigned from it. When he left the hospital, he performed a series of tests which showed, among other things, that silicon is present in almost trace amounts in his body. He began consuming available in pharmacies preparations containing silicon, and food products containing natural collagen and vitamin C. However, the results were not satisfactory. Laboratory INWEXu started under the supervision carry out research and tests as well as laboratory production of a formulation containing silicon. Therefore, from the need to save a life, their creator had develope a health food supplement silicon with boron Silor B, which helped him to rebuild the health and condition. In turn, new formulas were created based on, among others o healing properties of gold and silver known for centuries. The monoionic technology has been developed and patented, consisting in the fragmentation of the above-mentioned elements to a size of 0.2 nm, thanks to which they easily penetrate the cell and make repairs. The elements obtained thanks to the monoionic technology are more than ten times smaller than the nanoparticles previously used in cosmetics.

In 2011 the company Invex Remedies was founded. Invex Remedies is a distributor of cosmetics and dietary supplements and it is based on the experience of Innovation and Implementation Unit INWEX. Cosmetics and dietary supplements  are based on important health microelements which nourish, regenerate, revitalize and rejuvenate.


Many years of experience arising from the desire to explore knowledge and passion to create, and a deep commitment to scientific work of two generations of the family, helped to create a brand with strong fundamentals and values close to everyone. The company Invex Remedies is based on technology units Innovation – the Implementation INWEX, which was founded in 1987 by prominent inventor Stanislaw Szczepaniak – the main creator of more than 150 patents, that won numerous awards, titles, medals including gold medals awarded during the fair inventiveness.

Statuette “VIP” for cosmetics from the Golden Touch Line Warsaw 2013

Statuette „Skrzydła 2016” for cosmetics from the Golden Touch Line

Kielce 2016